Tellurium Q Ultra Silver

Focus en detail in een neutraal klankbeeld, dat is de beste omschrijving voor deze topkabel.

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€ 2660
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Met de Ultra Silver bewijst Tellurium Q wederom dat men één van de beste kabelfabrikanten ter wereld is. Deze kabel is in zijn prijsklasse de absolute leider. De Ultra Silver geeft vrijwel elke set een upgrade op het gebied van focus, detail en rust.

The Audiophile Man:
“The more time you listen to these cables, the better they make your music sound In fact, you will quickly reach the point where the thought of going back to your old cables is too much to bear. ”

– Paul Rigby,

Hi Fi World Review, 2015:
“I’m always wary of labelling any piece of equipment as the best I’ve heard – but it’s hard to escape that conclusion in the case of the Tellurium Q Ultra Silvers. They really do shine a new light on the sound – not just in terms of midrange detail and high-end extension, but also in the way they pull the various strands together into a coherent whole that times and flows just with absolute musical coherence.”

– Jon Myles, Hi Fi World 2015
“This is a sign that we are dealing with something exceptional in the audio world and the cables prove to be really unique.”

– Wojciech Pacuła,


De prijs is per set van 2 x 2 meter
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Ultra Silver jumpers € 446