Tellurium Q Silver Diamond

De tot nu toe meest geprezen kabel van Tellurium Q

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€ 4277
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De Absolute Top, niks meer en niks minder.
Deze kabel heeft al zo veel muziek en audioliefhebbers hun hart sneller doen slaan...
Alles lijkt op zijn plek te vallen met deze kabels. Klank, detail, soundstage, dynamiek, resolutie. Misschien is coherentie het juiste woord. Een ervaring die u gewoon eens moet horen.

Audiophile Videophile:
“a euphoric power will liberate freedom, according to the music. Listen, and then feel special, pleasing for this generation of silver diamond cable“

– Audiophile Videophile

HiFi Pig:
“These are the best cables I have used in my system… period… and I do not say that lightly! They have been in and out and compared with other cables we have to hand and every time they are taken out there’s an immediate “nope, get them back in” comment from Linette or myself. What they do is difficult to put your finger on exactly; there’s a feeling of rightness and a sense that you are getting closer to the feeling of the music in an emotional sense. There’s more detail, more space…and they just sound right.”

– Stuart Smith, HiFi Pig


Prijs is per set van 2 x 2 meter
Extra stereometer € 2138
Verkrijgbaar met spades en banaan connectoren
Silver Diamond jumpers € 638