Statement serie

Het meesterwerk van Geoff Merrigan (directeur Tellurium Q): de Statement serie.

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De ultieme Tellurium Q kabel range. Voor wie dacht dat het niet beter kon...

Enkele commentaren van hifi reviewers na hun kennismaking met de Statement serie...

More analogue, yes but oh so more.
More detail, absolutely but not in the way you would think.
More universal and compatible with systems, well there was only one or two systems that did not shine with the Silver Diamonds but now…
More richness, yes but a warmth and richness that is completely unveiled.
More “real”, people have used the word “tangible” when listening to systems with the Statements.
“Just when I thought this is it, there’s no room for additional improvement, the RCAs were plugged in and…voila, another big step forward towards even more realistic reproduction.”


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Luidsprekerkabels set 2 x 2 meter € 8495
Interlinks RCA € 5200/ XLR € 6100
Powercable € 4500