Figaro S

De kleinste vloerstaander uit de Figaro lijn. Een zeer betaalbare topklasse speaker, makkelijk aanstuurbaar en in 17 uitvoeringen verkrijgbaar.

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€ 3650
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Deze speaker is getest door de engelse hifi site The Ear en dit waren hun bevindingen:

Sound quality:

Placement proved relatively easy and I began with a direct connection to my beloved Hegel Röstintegrated. I knew that these speakers had been used at a recent show and therefore needed no run-in period. My memory was that they were good, but I hadn’t realised just how good until they were in my own system. Wow!

My usual routine of acclimatisation to newly-installed speakers, followed by careful and analytical audition using some well-known recordings went completely out the window. I became so immediately absorbed by the sheer quality, scale and detail of the Figaro S’s performance that it was several hours before I picked-up my laptop to begin making notes.

In essence it is hard to fault these speakers. For the size and, especially for the price, they offer a truly phenomenal sound which is hard to equal let alone beat. Bass was sufficient to alert my neighbour that I had something really special on test, while all the usual assessment parameters of imaging, soundstage, detail, transparency, attack, weight and involvement were passed with flying colours. Here was a product which I didn’t want to review, here was a product I just wanted to sit and listen to – not something I often say about speakers on test.


Dimensions (HxWxD) : 940mm x 232mm x 401mm
Weight : 28 kg
Shipping weight : 31 kg
Sensitivity : 91 dB @ 2.83V 1m
Nominal power handling : 90 W rms
Maximum unclipped power handling : 180 W;
Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms;
Crossover frequency : 400 Hz; 4000 Hz
Frequency response (in-room environment) : 37-25000 Hz
Drivers : 2,5cm silk dome tweeter, 15.2cm ER paper cone mid, two 15.2cm ER paper cone bass drivers