Figaro M

De gulden middenweg. Deze speaker omarmt je met een muzikale, rijke weergave. Een speaker die nergens verveelt of irriteert maar gewoon muziek maakt.

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€ 4900
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De Figaro M werd getest door Mono and Stereo High-End Magazine:

There are many exciting features about the Figaro M speakers. The convenient proportions, properly executed voicing, highly engaging sonic performance, captivating aesthetics, value for the money and more.

It’s never easy to establish a worthy replacement for any audio product. The usual undertaking in high-end audio always follow the money traits and a heftier price sticker comes mandatory. Acting completely contrary, Gediminas Gaidelis managed to create a more affordable speaker line with the choicest attributes of the preceding line and most importantly with the key elements expected and required from the contemporary high-end audio loudspeakers.

The Figaro M’s easily engages you into the listening and thanks to a clever construction and careful selection of the drivers, a rare quality was achieved — a—non-problematic prolonged immersions into the musical universe without experiencing listening fatigue. That alone is a winner strike!


Dimensions (HxWxD) : 1120mm x 272mm x 470mm
Weight : 41 kg
Shipping weight : 45 kg
Sensitivity : 91.5 dB @ 2.83V 1m
Nominal power handling : 140 W rms
Maximum unclipped power handling : 280 W;
Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms
Crossover frequency : 400 Hz; 4000 Hz
Frequency response (in-room environment) : 32-25000 Hz
Drivers : 2,5cm silk dome tweeter, 15.2cm ER paper cone mid, two 18.3cm ER paper cone bass drivers