Het kleinere broertje van de SCM19 maar hij doet er niet veel voor onder. Met name het laag spreekt tot de verbeelding. Een speaker die in zijn prijsklasse weinig concurrentie heeft te duchten. Als u de recensies leest kunt u maar één conclusie trekken:................luisteren!!
Ook hier geldt dat een versterker van minimaal 2 x 75 watt de beste resultaten boekt.

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€ 1925
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"If you think that this reads like a positive review, then you would be right. Not only does the ATC SCM11 reach beyond its class for sound quality but it does so through exceptional engineering, and shows seriously good taste in balancing the frequency response. Although it's not perfectly neutral in the midrange, the listener is mightily rewarded with enthusiastic musical drive, great dynamics, very good clarity and detail and exceptional bass rhythms. Build quality is first class, and the lab report would grace a design at five times the price. It proved easy to fine-tune its location in the listening room, and is also an easy amplifier load. The ATC SCM11 is a clear winner and readily achieves a HIFICRITIC Best Buy accolade." Martin Colloms, HIFICRITIC March 2016.

SCM11 & SIACD, Financial Times "How to Spend It".
Reviewer Quote:
"You can hear the attention to detail. Listening to the SCM11 speakers, the astonishing clarity, separation and bass heft quite knocked me over. Wiring my Mac into the SIACD music centre and using the (superb) new Tidal high-quality streaming service, I played my sister-in-law, Louise Wener (who sang in the Britpop band Sleeper), some of her own songs and she grew quite emotional. "lt's the first time I've heard those tracks properly since 1995," she said. "It's like being back in the studio." Which is, of course, exactly what ATC had in mind." Jonathan Margolis, September 2015.

What Hifi Reviewer Quote:
SCM11 - "ATC has struck gold again. These are the most talented standmounters anywhere near this price"

Review Dr. John Richardson at Stereomojo:
"There you have it, folks. The audiophile conundrum. Absolute truth or enhanced beauty? Only you can (and should) decide... But if truth is your goal, I haven't experienced a better speaker to provide it than the Version 2 of ATC's SCM 11"


Speakers: HF 25mm Neodymium, Mid/LF 150mm
Frequentie bereik (-6dB): 56Hz-22kHz
Rendement: 85dB @ 1W @ 1meter
Max SPL: 108dB
Aanbevolen versterker vermogen: 75 to 300 Watts
Nominale impedantie: 8 Ohm
Crossover: 2.2kHz
Connectors : Binding Posts/4mm Plugs, bi-wire
Afmetingen (HxWxD): 381x232x236mm
Gewicht: 10.9kg
Verkrijgbaar in zwart, black ash, white satin en kersen